Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Answers to the name *Buckley*.

Adoreable, 6 month-old, friendly lop-eared dwarf rabbit.

All white, with gorgeous long ears. Will sit quietly and contentedly as you stroke his ears.

Loves to climb all over you while you chill out together.

Will throw cute little temper tantrums when put back in his cage!

Loves to eat expensive textbooks, chew on cords and tear up carpet when allowed to roam the house!

Has heaps of fun scratching the shit out of you on a daily basis!

Has a hilarious stubborn personality!

Loves to pee all over couches and beds, as well as floors!

Gorgeous, destructive and tempremental rabbit comes with:
* Cage
* Toys
* His own little blanket *Warning: He does not like people touching his blanket*
* Free food and vegetables for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Yep, I'll feed him for one year for you!

Please contact me if you want to own this perfect catch!

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