Friday, February 01, 2008

The best laid plans ...

So, I had a plan for tonight.

This week, I have been doing long days at work, working alone in the kiosk. We are down two staff members - one quit unexpectedly last weekend, and one is off sick. And considering that we were short-staffed to begin with, that makes things even more difficult.

But today was going to be my "short" day at work. I was going to work from 10 until 4:30. Only 6 and a half hours of being rushed off my feet, dealing with everything on my own. I had thought that my afternoon would go something like this:

4:30 - Leave work
4:45 - Get home, sit down, relax and chill out
6:00 - Go get a pizza for dinner
6:45 - Have a nice, long, relaxing bath
7:30 - Park arse on couch and watch Twenty20 game live from MCG
10:30 - Head to bed, relaxed and refreshed, ready for another 10 hour day tomorrow.

Ok, now lets look at how my afternoon/night actually went ...

5:15 - Finally leave work
5:30 - Am almost home when I look at my petrol gauge and realise I should probably fill up sometime soon if I want my car to keep working. Pull into petrol station to realise that even though I have my bag, I didn't put my wallet in my bag before leaving home this morning. Brilliant.
5:40 - Get home, get wallet, turn around and go back out to get petrol.
6:15 - Return home again to discover psycho rabbit has thrown his water bowl, and turned it upside down, soaking the newspaper at the bottom of his cage. He has then shredded the newspaper, making a massive mess.
6:20 - Swear at rabbit as I realise I'm going to have to clean out the cage.
6:30 - Have no newspaper to put on the bottom of rabbits cage. Head out again, buy 4 newspapers and return home ... Again.
6:50 - Finish cleaning out rabbits cage, put rabbit back in his cage in disgrace. Realise I am starving.
7:00 - Head into bedroom to change out of work clothes. Have a drink on the way to bedroom, and then chuck my bottle of coke from work on my bed. Get changed, then look at bed to notice coke bottle has leaked. All over the middle of my bed.
7:15 - Put work clothes in wash. Strip bed, chuck sheets on the laundry floor.
7:20 - Head out (again) to get pizza.
7:50 - Get home, watch cricket for a few minutes.
8:00 - Hang out work clothes. Put sheets on to wash.
8:15 - Get out clean sheets and remake bed.
8:25 - Let rabbit out for a quick run around loungeroom.
8:45 - Rabbit runs straight into birds cage. Birds go nuts, seed and feathers flying everywhere.
8:50 - Catch rabbit, gets put back into cage in MAJOR disgrace. Start swearing under my breath, wondering what the hell happened to my perfect, relaxing night as I drag out the vacuum cleaner.
9:05 - Finish vacuuming the lounge, put vacuum cleaner away.
9:15 - Run bath.
9:25 - Sit in bath for 15 minutes, unable to relax because I can't stop thinking about my plan, and what the hell happened??? I had a plan!!
9:40 - Get out, get into pjs and sit down to blog.

Yeah ... Things didn't go exactly the way I planned ...

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