Thursday, December 13, 2007

The rumours are true. Yes, I am a superhero.

So, yesterday was a crappy day at work. Really awful. Copped abuse from two customers (the first one nearly had me in tears, and the second one had me wanting to scream "I didn't come to work to be abused by arseholes!"). It was just nuts. The good news is my boss had my back, and was right there both times, giving back as good as they gave to me.

Anyway. Moving on.

After work, I stopped at Safeway. My whole day turned around, seriously. I was so happy, no I was *flat-out delighted*, to find giant plastic candy canes. Nothing is bad in the world when you've got a giant candy cane!

So I got two, and tucked them under my arm, to continue my shopping.

A couple of minutes later, I went to turn around to look at something, and nearly, very, very nearly, took out an old lady, who was innocently shopping, not realising the danger she was almost in!

BUT! I saved the day! I stopped short, saving Grandma from disaster, averting a tragedy (or a broken hip), casually made sure no one had seen the incident ... And took off.


Now, some may say that it was my fault. To those people I say ... Pfft. Let's not get caught up in details, people. Ok? The fact of the matter is, I SAVED her! It may have been my fault, but the point is ... I averted disaster!

Grandma, enjoy your Christmas with both hips and all bones intact ... It's all thanks to me!

P.S. When I got home, I may have been waving around a giant candy cane, dancing like a dork ... And I may have taken out everything that was on my bench. I may have broken a photo frame, and knocked myself in the head with the giant candy cane ... But I refuse to confirm or deny that!

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