Monday, December 31, 2007

A rabbit throwing a tantrum and me babbling endlessly ... You decide whats more entertaining.

Oh my god, it's FREAKING HOT.

We hit 38 Saturday, 40 yesterday, 40 today, and we're going to hit 40 again tomorrow.

Stepping outside for 5 minutes ensures you sweat for the next 20, even if you're straight back inside.

New Years Eve today ... Everyone keeps asking me what I'm up to tonight ... Uhh, nothing :-) Are you kidding me?! It's way too hot to do anything. I can't be stuffed! And to be honest, I'd rather chill at home ...Watching a dvd or hanging out with some friends ... Or just sitting in front of the air conditioner :-)

I think my air conditioner is getting cranky ... It was on all last night, and all today, and it's been acting funny - keeps cutting out a little, going slower. I might have to turn it off tonight for a while.

Not much news from here ... I actually haven't been to work since Friday. Yes, I had Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, and I've also got tomorrow off. I go back on Wednesday for 5 days. There was nothing in the Addy on Saturday, job-wise. Oh well, I'll keep looking and just stick it out until I get something new.

I got Buckley a new toy the other day ... He has a love/hate relationship with it. He loves to play with it, but it frustrates the hell out him. Earlier today he got so annoyed he dumped it in his water container ... :-) I also got him a leash, so he can go in the front yard and eat the grass sometimes. I took him out for a while last night, but it was kind of hot so he didn't get to stay out there long.

The new tablets the doctor started me on? The strong painkillers I'm meant to take at night, because they make you drowsy and able to get an excellent, proper nights sleep? Yeah, they did ... The exact opposite for me. Friday night I took one. I didn't get to sleep until 6 a.m. Saturday morning. I was just wide awake. Saturday night I took one. I didn't get to sleep until 4 a.m. Sunday morning. So yesterday I took one at lunchtime. I SLEPT LAST NIGHT! *lol* It was great. So from now on I'll start taking them in the morning/at lunch time, that's mainly when I get the worst pain anyway.

What else can I go on about? I don't think I have much else ...I dog-sat Jersey today. All in all it went pretty well. Nothing major destroyed, he didn't poop, or pee, anywhere in my house, and we had fun chilling out. I think I'm going to pick him up tomorrow and bring him around here for a while as well, it's too hot for him in Christine's house during the day. She leaves the back door open so he can go outside, but that means that the air conditioner can't be on all day.

Buckley is throwing a little tanty. I just put him back in his cage, because he went to pee on the floor. So now he's throwing around all his toys. Very mature!

Anyway, I might go have a nice, cold bath. Did I mention that it's FREAKING HOT HERE?!

Happy New Year, guys. Peace out!

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