Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hot enough for ya?

Like everyone else in this great state, I have become obsessed with weather. 40 times a day I hear variations of "How's the weather!"/"Hot enough for you?!"/"I thought summer was finished!" We are still in the middle of a heatwave, but it's meant to cool down by Wednesday. My god, I hope it does! For the last 5 days we've had temps of at least 37. Friday we hit 40. Please make it stop!

I've been working in the cafe for the last few days - I've been doing 4 hour shifts daily since Thursday. It's been good, fairly busy, which has meant I've picked up most things in only a few days. It's HOT in the kitchen though, as we have no airconditioning. It's been at least 39 degrees in the kitchen of the cafe every afternoon since Thursday. Yesterday I finished work and it was actually cooler outside than in the cafe - 38 outside, 41 in the cafe kitchen!

Because it's been so hot, I've been picking up Christine's dog when I finish work, and bringing him back to my place, since she's been working afternoon/evening shifts. In three nights he managed to pee on my vacuum cleaner, destroy my sunglasses, rip a hole in my doona cover, eat a Tupperware container, and rip apart a book. Good work, Destructo!

Anyway. I've got some more I want to write, but I can't really be stuffed, so I might take off and do it another time. Peace out, guys.

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Netel said...

that sounds.... Good :) lol.