Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pity party/Rant over ... :-)

Today, I am not so tired ... :-)

I worked for two hours today. It was meant to be five, but I was feeling like crap, so I got sent home early. A few hours in bed, and I'm feeling much better. I do have tomorrow off work as well. I told my boss I wouldn't need it, I'd be fine by tomorrow, but she insisted. I haven't said a lot to her lately about how bad my back has been - because it's been so hot I've been unable to walk, and that's really made things worse - and I think she's feeling guilty. Which is ridiculous, it was my choice not to say anything, she's got enough to worry about. I think we'll be sitting down for another serious chat sometime in the next few days.


Onto other things ...
Saturday night, I defrosted my freezer. Usually my freezer is pretty full, but I've been using everything in there to empty it, defrost it and then restock it. I did find some crumpets that I know have been there since the START of last year! There wasn't much else left. So, anyway, this morning I had to go shopping. I expected to spend about $150 to fill the freezer, and my fridge. That usually does me for about 3 - 4 weeks, with plenty left in the freezer. However, that was not what happened today. Wanna know what I actually spent?

Two hundred and fifty eight dollars and twenty one cents.

Yep. $258.21

I live alone. That is food for ONE person! I won't have to shop for about a month and a half though, so I guess it's not too bad. I also stocked up on rabbit food, and got a 5 kilo thing of birdseed. I got enough cleaning stuff for a month and a half, and I even got me some hot cross buns!


It's been 172 days since ...
Tomorrow ...
Know what I'm talking about?
It's been 172 days since Geelong and Port played the last game of the season.
Tomorrow, the 2008 season starts with those silly Blues playing Richmond, and Geelong playing Port. The Pies play Freo on Saturday to start of their year ...



I went to Echuca yesterday, to see the MM. It didn't hurt as much as last time, and while I am sore today, I'm not as sore as I was last time. So I guess my back is improving, even though it doesn't feel like it some days. I had a good time over there, did some shopping, got a couple of presents for some friends - which of course I won't give them yet *ahem* - made it to my appointment 15 minutes early ... Only to realise I'd forgotten to go to an ATM to get some money out. The MM doesn't have EFTPOS, so I had to jump into my car and go looking for an ATM. I had 15 minutes, I wasn't that far from the city centre, all I had to do was grab some money and get back to the MM in 15 minutes. Easy, huh?

I got lost.

And it wasn't a little bit lost. I took a wrong turn, ended up in some kind of maze of streets (could only turn one way at each corner), and couldn't find my way out onto the main road.

By the time I made it back for my appointment I was almost 25 minutes late. Luckily, the MM was running late as well, so I didn't cause any problems. Next time I'll be making sure I have money in my bag before I leave Bendigo.


Anyway, I better get going. Oh, if you want a laugh, check out this post over at Overflowing Brain. It's pretty cool. And I love the way Katie talks about an "occupation"! I've also been reading because that's damn funny (and sometimes heartbreaking!) as well. Ok, well I'm out. Peace, love and laughter.

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