Sunday, January 29, 2012

"You know how her mind works - it's like a mouse on a wheel except the wheel spins sideways and the mouse is blind and has a really bad sprained ankle."

Today, I'm having a lazy day.

Partly because I got woken up by a loud noise at 7 after about two hours sleep, and after going out the back to investigate, I discovered that my dogs were not in the yard because the stupid latch on the stupid gate is a bit dodgy. Going to have to replace it, I think, it seems that its rusted a bit and when the wind is kicking up, it wiggles loose.

Great start to the morning!

After putting on some pants and grabbing my keys, I headed out to find my dogs. Luckily, they hadn't wandered far and it only took two minutes.

So, I had a nap halfway through the morning and I'm kind of feeling more human, but not human enough to feel like doing anything. Not helped by the fact that I've got really bad cramps ...

So ... Monk Marathon :-) And I'm in the middle of a good book ...

I was going to organise my spare room/study today, and clean my kitchen, which desperately needs a clean ... Eh. Guess it can all wait.

Hmm ... Back to bed for more Monk, methinks ...

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