Friday, January 27, 2012

Virginia Wolf said ...

“Virginia Wolf said something interesting happens every day. Go write about it.”

Virginia Wolf obviously never lived my life then. Not much of interest happened tod... Wait ... Oh, no ... I was right. Not much of interest, and certainly nothing interesting happened today.

Work was flat out this morning, so flat out in fact that we had both M and K, who usually share the office with me, out in the loader and the truck. I’m used to running the office on Saturdays when it’s a bit quieter, but running the office, and all the trucks, on a Friday morning was a new experience! I think I did ok though, everyone got their loads, no trucks were lost or damaged and all our drivers made it home at the end of the day ... *lol*

One of my sisters rang on Wednesday night, with some big news. My mum turns 50 this year (in March), and sent both the girls an invitation, not expecting them to be able to make the trip (it’s not cheap, and they both have families) ... But ... They are coming! Well, one is J The other is not sure that she can get time off work, but if she can, she’ll catch a flight the same day and the girls will meet in Melbourne, before coming to my place to stay for the night, then travelling onto mum and dads to surprise them. Yes, it’s going to be a surprise, we’re not telling them the sister(s?) are coming! I’m so excited, you can’t wipe the smile off my face! I can’t wait to see them! How am I going to make it to March??!!

Ok, well ... I’ve tried several times to finish this entry ... It’s been sitting up on the screen for the last hour,  needing to be finished and posted ... I do have more to say, but I keep getting distracted by a new book ... And the tennis is on ... And I’m listening to music ... And ... And ... And ...

So here is where I sign off. Maybe tomorrow, when I’ve finished my book (and I will have finished it, because I’m not going to bed tonight until it’s finished) and when there’s not an awesome game of tennis on, maybe I’ll be a little less distracted ...

Peace out, homies.

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