Sunday, April 24, 2011

So, the neighbours complained about the dog again.

Apparently not last night but the night before, my dog barked "all night".

It's the same neighbours who complained about her barking during the day.

I personally find it hard to believe that she barked all night. None of our dogs bark at night. If they do, it's rarely for more than a minute at a time.

However, neither my housemate or I were home, so I guess it's possible.

So, where to now?

I guess I'll try something else. The stop-barking collar doesn't seem to be working, so I'll try plan B.

If that doesn't work then I'll try something else.

What really upsets me is that the neighbour came up here yesterday and yelled at my housemate. He said that if the dog doesn't stop barking, then "he'll take care of it". What kind of 50 year old man threatens a 27 year old girl and a dog? He's a fucking coward, obviously. So help me god, if he goes for my dog then he will regret it. I will bring the police in if he even so much frowns at her - or at us.

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