Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Writing helps.

I've missed this - getting out everything I'm thinking, working out how I'm really feeling.

I let the dogs out from under the house at 7. Jers and Rox just started barking at a hot air balloon. I bolted out there to try to quiet them.

You shouldn't feel terrified when a dog barks. You shouldn't be scared that some fuckwit that lives behind you will complain, or hurt them. I hate how stressed this is making me. I am trying to stop the barking. But for gods sake, they are dogs! I know it's frustrating and annoying when they bark, but it's not the end of the world.

Hang on, Jersey is barking again. Brb.

So, today I am going to Melbourne. Staying with my sister tonight, my brother tomorrow night, then going to Qld on Thursday morning.

I can't wait. I so desperately need a break.

It will be nice not to cry every single day because I'm so unhappy.

Hopefully this mini-holiday will be just what I need.

Might blog while I'm away, otherwise I'll write when I get back. I better get going, I want to walk the dogs before I go, then get myself organised and head off.

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