Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I freaking love my job. I'm not sure why - I don't do anything amazing, or special. It's just fun. Every day is slightly different, but similar ... If that makes sense :-)

8:30 - 8:50 - Leave home and head to work. Swing by the Post Office on the way, check our PO Box and mail off anything from the office.

8:55 - Arrive at work with the mail. Get myself organised.

9:00 - 9:30 - Open mail and distribute. Go through the docket summaries from the day before and bank cash, organise checks etc.

9:30 - 11:30 - Spend the morning drowning in paperwork. Answer the phone 75 times, transferring each call, and laughing at the rude morons after I've hung up.

11:32 - Offer a bribe (money or a slab of beer) to the first person who can "break" the phones for me. Get myself some morning tea from the tea room and spend a couple of minutes chatting to whoever is around.

11:40 - Consider shredding paperwork, then realise that's probably not the best idea. Get back into it.

11:45 - 11:55 - Get into an important financial discussion with Meg. Mutually agree that the extra money that has appeared in the til (a couple of hundred dollars, and no one knows where it's come from or why the til is now up) should be put into the Social Club to make one hell of a Christmas Party. Decide the best way to sell this to the guys is to translate it into the number of beers the money could buy at said party. Guys? Guys, if we put the extra money from the til into the social club, then we could get an extra 85 pots of beer at the party! Woo hoo!

11:55 - 1:45 - Finish important financial discussion and put aside paperwork for a while. Fold 150 newsletters. Laminate some stuff. Send out some price books to people who want to have a look at what we have, but can't be bothered to come in. Get a list of what's needed and organise a stationary order. Fire Publisher up and make up some signs. Read through minutes of the last meeting, and print off blank minutes sheet for the next meeting which is coming up. Make a note of what still needs to be done before the next meeting. Leave post-it notes for those who haven't finished their tasks.

1:45 - 2:15 - Eat lunch. Hop up and down about 35 times and answer phones, transferring calls or taking messages. Thank god there's a phone in the tea room, so I don't have to keep running back to my desk. Wonder how pathetic it would make me seem if I started eating at my desk to save time ...

2:15 - Pull out paperwork again. Get my list of figures, and start the monthly graphs. Swear at myself, the desk, the phone and the computer as I realise that somehow our drivers have managed to stuff up their sheets. Either that, or they've gone back in time. Mumble under my breath and screw up my nose as I get more and more annoyed. Seriously, have they got a freaking time machine in their trucks?

4:30 - Consider pulling out hair. Cause fear and chaos when I announce to the office that the next driver who goes back in time/stuffs up their sheet will have to deal with me.

4:45 - Start packing up for the end of the day. Organise paperwork into piles of what's done, what needs to be done, and what can't yet be done. Tick off what I've finished, put in M's office to get signed off on. Count til, put in safe. Close and lock all windows. Make sure all split-system heaters are off.

4:55 - Yell "Are you kidding me?!" when M hands me more driver sheets to do tomorrow. Roll my eyes and tell him he's lucky it's almost knock-off time, otherwise I'd so kick his arse.

5:00 - Pick up mail that needs to be sent off in the morning. Grab my bag, make sure I've got all my crap from the tea room. Check milk supplies and see if I need to stop on the way to work tomorrow morning. Take some paperwork home with me, to see if I can get a head start on tomorrow. Answer one last phone call, take a message.

5:05 - Time to head home.
5:15 - Home!

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