Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, Collingwood are out of the finals ... :-( I don't know what the hell happened. How could we lose to ST KILDA??! Seriously. I mean, they're a great team and all, but ... ??!! We were playing for a spot in the semi-final, and we couldn't beat them? Disappointing, Pies, disappointing.

I worked today and yesterday, at the cafe/ice creamery. We had a couple of good days, as the weather has been beautiful. We were meant to get rain today, which meant we were planning a quite day, but so far it's been sunny (although very windy) all day. Ahh, spring! :-)

Anyway, I better go cook me some dinner ... Er, heat up the takeaway from last night. I actually just came to share some new sites I've found, so here goes.

Nick, the Xray Photographer ... This is strangely fascinating.

Fail Blog ... Is pretty freaking funny.

Cosha's ... This could be considered a little ... err ... dirty. Don't say you weren't warned! ... Random trivia.

Disapproving Rabbits ... How friggin gorgeous! And so funny! I'm only pissed I didn't discover it sooner :-)

I can has cheezburger ... Not usually a cat person, but this is pretty cool.

And, as always, new secrets are up at PostSecret. Check em out!

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

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