Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Update on the Smurf

Yes, I have re-named Amy. From here on out, she will be known as Smurf ... Because she was born blue. Smart, huh? :-)

Seriously though, I didn't sleep much last night. I just had this feeling that if I fell asleep, something would happen. I don't know why. And I kept freaking out about the whole ICU thing, that's never a good thing when they send someone to the ICU. And she's only a little baby, so little and not strong and oh-my-god, what if the labor had gone on a bit longer, she could have died, and is she really going to be okay and I want to be there with Amanda, and ... what if this, what if that .... The thoughts just wouldn't stop! :-)

I did hear from my sister late this afternoon. Amy was moved from the neo-natal ICU this afternoon, and was in the room on the maternity ward with Amanda when she rang. My little smurf got her first bottle from mum today, and also had her first bath. She's got a fiesty temper, but is actually fairly quiet. She doesn't cry much. I found out she has blue eyes, just like her big sister. She's doing great, and the doctors are talking about mum and smurf going home tomorrow sometime, so that's great news :-)

I had today off work, and did bugger all :-) I went out for a while this morning to do some jobs, and driving home I went past the Bendigo Bank clock and the temprature on that was already at 35 degrees at 11 a.m. It got hot fast. I think we ended up getting to about 39. I spent the afternoon on the couch, just watching cricket, reading and sleeping. The phone woke me up a few times (I swear Telstra has made a fortune off my family in the last day and a half! Everyone's been calling mum & I to find out what's going on - not that we knew a whole lot!) but I had no trouble getting back to napland! I go back to work tomorrow, work Thursday as well, have Friday off, work Saturday and Sunday, then after work on Sunday mum and I are heading to Melbourne to see Amanda and Paul and their two gorgeous girls - Bug Eyes and Smurf. Ahh, my nieces are so going to hate me when they get older ... !!!!!!!!

Anyway, I better head to bed. Thanks for all the calls, emails and text messages yesterday and today. It was really appreciated.

Ok, I'm out! :-)

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