Sunday, November 04, 2007

Because I had so much fun last time ... Part II of "Read all about it" ... :-)

Sadly, Doug the hermit crab went up to the big shell in the sky on Thursday - Hermie Heaven. I was actually pretty upset, I've had Doug the longest and he was my fave :-) He had been trying to moult for some time, and I think he just grew too big for his shell. Also on Thursday, we gained a new 'family' member, a 6 week old, all white, frigging gorgeous, lop-eared rabbit that goes by the name ... Buckley. Yep, as in Nathan. Buckley already has the run of the house, going where ever he pleases, and has a habbit of hiding in tiny spaces. Seriously, you would not believe how many times I have lost him since Thursday! He's a gorgeous bundle of fluff, and is fitting into the house well. He goes well with the 4 birds, 4 hermit crabs and the fish. Think maybe it's time to stop buying animals ... ?!

Got home from Echuca today to discover my broadband modem had 'died' on me. Spent an hour turning it on and off, plugging it into different power sockets, practically hyper-ventillating at the thought of not being able to do an update ... when it fixed itself. All of a sudden, the lights started to come on, one by one ... What the? Ahh, well. I'm just happy I have an internet connection again :-)

I had this weekend off. Woo hoo. I had Thursday off, went back to work Friday, then had yesterday and today off. Friday was a hellish day, and I finished an hour late. I was exhausted by the time I got home. Yesterday was a nice, relaxing day. It was Christine's birthday, so I got up yesterday morning and headed into the city to buy her a present. Then I went and picked her up, went out and had lunch, went to see a movie, then got take away for dinner and went back to her place and played with her new puppy. (I'm not the only one with a new friend in the house! On Thursday Christine brought a 6 week old pure-breed staffy. She named him Jersey. He is as cute as anything, and as friggin nutty as they come!) Got home last night and spent the night moving furniture around, and watching the Gilmore Girls. This morning I picked Chrissie up at 10, and we headed over to Echuca. We went on an hour-long paddlesteamer cruise, and it was pretty cool. It was also very relaxing, the only problem was the weather. It wasn't raining in Echuca, but it was pretty damn cold. After we had some lunch, we hit the road and were back in Bendigo by 3. I ended up crashing on the couch for a couple of hours as soon as I walked in the door, I was freaking tired!

Ok, that's it :-) I'm out.

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