Monday, November 05, 2007

I didn't prepare!

So, I had today off work. It was ok. I wasn't prepared for a day off! *lol* I had nothing to do, since I'd squeezed in everything I wanted to do - washing, cleaning, re-organising my house - over the weekend! So, instead, I bummed around and slept :-) Watched some dvds, and did pretty much nothing all day ... Ahh, nice.

It just felt like a "nothing" day. I'm kinda in a down mood, not sure why. I didn't want to go out, or see anyone, so I just stayed in. I rang my sister for her birthday this morning, only talked for 10 minutes or so. My brother was there. I don't know why, but that kind of upset me.

Buckley is in his cage, currently destroying a carrot ... Kinda scary the way he's attacking it! I put his cage outside in the sun for a while this morning. He thought it was great, went to sleep for a while :-) I have got scratches all over my arms from him. When I go to put him back into his cage after he's been running around the house, he gets waaaay cranky. And he has sharp claws on those gorgeous little bunny feet of his :-P He scratches the shit out of me!

I can't believe how little I have to say ... It really is a quiet day. That's ok ... That's who I am :-) Who I is ... Who I are ... Who I be ... Hehehe ....

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