Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pete ... I love you.


What can I say?

I love you.

I know that you're happily married.

I know you're wife is a hot blonde and I'm a chubby whatever-colour-I've-dyed-my-hair-this-week average looking chick.

I know that you've got two gorgeous kids.

I know that you're at least 10 years older than me.

But ask me if I care.

... Nup. Couldn't give a shit.

I friggin love you, man!

Anyone who installs two flat-panel tvs in their shop, so that anyone walking by, or working in a shop nearby, can see them, is going to get my love.

Especially when it's summer.



I love you.

The 2nd test started yesterday. Whilst I haven't been watching every single ball - because I've had to, you know, work - I've been able to get a score update WHENEVER I WANT, and on my lunch break, I could SIT, RELAX AND WATCH CRICKET.

Pete. Mate. You fuckin' rock. You ever wanna leave your wife? My door is always open for you, baby.

P.S. Rang my sister this afternoon after work ... No baby yet. No sign of the baby yet. She has been kickin up a storm though! :-)

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Joh said...

That was a great post. I was worried about you for a minute....until you mentioned the tv's.