Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not much going on here ... Aside from the "false start" last night :-) I called my sister this morning, and she said everything's fine. The baby has moved down, and is "getting ready" - that made me laugh, picturing the baby packing a little suitcase and preparing for her "trip" - and they don't think it'll be much longer - maybe a couple of days. Who knows though! Amanda said she had a dream that Amy arrived on the 15th, which is tomorrow. I told Amanda that I'd be home all day tomorrow (not working) so if anything happens, ring me straight away! :-)
Like I said, not a real lot happening here ... Last Saturday was a friggin massive day at work. It was the first birthday of the Kangaroo Flat Market Centre, so all the shops in the centre had specials. We had a jumping castle and a merry-go-round thing in the car park for the kids. I started work at 8:30, and finished at 6. I can't remember being that tired in a long time :-) Pretty much died when I went to bed, and slept for like 10 hours :-) Before I got up and went to work and did it all over again ... !
I worked Monday as well, then had yesterday off, as well as today. Score! Today was Bendigo Cup day. I went out to work for a while, to check on Bec and Bree to see how they were doing. They said it had been dead all morning, at then everyone came at once so they were all flustered! I ended up staying for almost 2 hours, helping pack up. I hope I remembered to do everything ... ! And guess what ... I also have tomorrow off. THREE days in a row off! I haven't had that since I started!
Hey, has anyone read Andrew Johns' book, The Two of Me? I got it today for a couple of reasons - 1, I actually like Joey. From what I've seen on the Footy Show, I think that he seems like a pretty cool guy, and I cried for him when all that stuff came to light after the London thing. Who knew? and, 2, I want to know how much of the book is him, and how much is the ghostwriter. I know a lot of things will be exaggerated and played on, but it'll be interesting when reading it to see if you can pick what's real. Where have they taken 'creative license' with the book (if they have at all)? I just find something strange in the fact that this book came out so quickly after Joeys admissions of depression and bi-polar disorder ... Am I being too cynical?! I'm planning on starting it tonight or tomorrow.
I'm going to try to do something on here in the next few weeks - it's called 30 secrets in 30 days. The idea is to post 30 secrets - in photos - about myself, writing a few paragraphs with every photo. I've seen it done on other blogs, and I wanted to give it a go. Think I'll be able to do it?
Anyway, I might take off. I'm dog-sitting tonight - Christine's gone to the Killers concert in Melbourne - and I better go feed Jersey and let him have a run around outside. Check back tomorrow, I'll try to post the first of the 30 secrets :-) I'm out. Peace, love and laughter guys!
P.S. It appears I was a few days off with the baby ticker/counter thingy at the bottom of the page. I think she still has about 3 days to go before her actual due date. Not that most people will care ... But my nutty sister is a stickler for correct dates and getting facts right ... We are so not related!
Edit @ 2:40 a.m. - Joey's book? A hell of a lot better than I thought it would be. Seems to be pretty damn honest, and you can actually see that he's had a lot to do with the writing of the book - he hasn't just told some bloke a few stories and had most of it made up or exaggerated. I'm actually a little surprised at how good it is. Now, I gotta go get some sleep. I'm stuffed!

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