Friday, February 23, 2007

That's what she said ...

first entry ... i feel an extraordinary amount of pressure right now, to write something intelligent, witty, and compelling.

but that wouldnt really be the real me, would it...?!

the truth is, i like to write. sometimes i like to just come online, to my other blog (a windows spaces one) and post quotes, or jokes. or sometimes i write about things that are making me lose sleep. things that i keep turning over and over in my mind, and as i'm not really a talker, i have to get them out there somehow or i may possibly explode. sometimes i just write about work, or the boring day i've just had.

i think this blog will also be a little of both. a little of me, and a little of things i've found that i like. song lyrics. poems. quotes. jokes. and my writings.

so here we are. entry one. and it's done. it's a bit after midnight and i've not been well all week, so i think i might head to bed, wrapping this up for now.

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