Monday, February 26, 2007

Clean Freezers! :o)

good god, I would kill for a smoke ... ! *lol* oh, i need nicotine!

so, mum's still here (hence, the no smokes since yesterday morning). at the moment, she's visiting a friend of hers, who recently tried to commit suicide (and damn nearly succeeded ... thank god she was found in time). I think she wanted to talk to mum alone, so I said I'd stay home and get some study done. I've done a couple of hours, I probably should still be studying since I have an exam tomorrow, yes, tomorrow ... but I'm not really too concerned! :o) I'm so tired it's hard to worry :-P

we didn't do much yesterday, we went out to the market at the showgrounds, and had a look around, it was fairly ordinary actually. usually there is heaps more stalls, but this time it just didn't seem to be as good. mum got a new pair of 3/4 pants, and she also brought me a new home phone (since mine is a piece of crap!). it's a whizz-bang fancy one that can send text messages and everything. so far i've figured out how to make a call and that's about it. must get around to reading the booklet sometime soon. after we had a look around, we met mums friend (the one she's visiting right now) and her boyfriend for lunch, then we came home. I defrosted my freezer while mum did heaps of cleaning and organising. I'm not too sure what she cleaned and organised, but it kept her busy for a while, so it's all good. then we went and did my grocery shopping for the next few weeks, my cupboard and (clean) freezer are now full! :o)

anyway, I should probably get back to the study, since I've only got a couple of hours before I go to work, and god knows I won't feel like doing anything after work! and, you know, there's also the fact that my exam is tomorrow. As in, tomorrow. Today is monday and tomorrow is Tuesday and my exam is on Tuesday. anyway. i should really stop wasting time and go do something :o)

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