Sunday, February 25, 2007

*my* caringbridge kids!

So, today's entry isn't about me.

(What a shock, huh!)

I regularly check on many, many CaringBridge Kids. They're *my* CaringBridge Kids. Many of these kids have cancer, or luekemia, or liver disease, or another life threatening illness. They are amazing. Every single day, I check on them and I'm constantly amazed by the strength, courage, humour, grace and dignity that these kids show.

These kids are ... well, kids! Some just babies! 2 or 3 years old. And yet, they get dealt a friggin crappy hand, like cancer. So they just deal with it. Because it's *normal* to them. How sad is that. That a 2 year old should find cancer, *normal*?

Anyway. If you want to check out real little heroes, check out some of these kids.

Matty -
Matty's parents have been told there's nothing more that can be done for their little boy. This gorgeous little boy has won so many hearts during his battle with hepatoblastoma (hope i spelt that right!) and the battle aint over yet! Matty is still fighting, and everyone who loves him is STILL BELIEVING!

Hunter -
What a gorgeous kid is this little girl! Hunter has the cheekiest smile you'll ever see!

Anna -
Anna also has hepatoblastoma, and has recently had yet another operation to remove more tumors.

Hannah -
Hannah was a gorgeous little girl who fought brain and spinal cancer for 16 months, before losing her battle in September last year. Her mum has kept her site up to cherish her memory. Hannah's story is a true story of grace, and dignity.

Lizzie -
Lizzie also lost her battle recently, but her story is an awesome display of courage.

Catie - one of heaven's newest angles -

Haley - an amazing child, with one of the strongest mums you'll ever meet -

Lillie - a gorgeous little girl who was diagnosed last year -

Aubrielle - rage baby! you gotta love her mum's perspective on the cancer world www.caringbridge.visit/aubrielle

Brady - what a cutie!

Kendrie - won the battle! and Kristie is hilarious! -

Asher and Jacob -

Jake - what can you say about this gorgeous little boy? sadly lost his battle last year, but what an amazing child, and what a really amazing family -

Kayla -

Mia -

Morgan -

Kelly -

Lily -

Blake -

Jackson -

Donovan -

Mackenzie -

Maddie -

Alexis -

Ellis -

Please, if have 5 minutes, visit some of these awesome kids. You won't regret it!

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