Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a feeling.

So, I caved.

Didn't go to work again today (got approximately two hours sleep again last night ... Ugh) and instead went to the Primary Care Clinic. Boy, was that fun. The doctor seemed to find it funny that I was pretty much zombie-like, and kept talking about the effects of steroids. Um, hello, I am well aware of the effects of steroids ... I am taking them.

He also gave me a look, and his eyebrows raised so high that they nearly shot off his head when he took my blood pressure. It's high, apparently. Ehh. I've got bigger problems to worry about, buddy.

But he did give me some sleeping tablets, so hopefully I can take them for the next week and a bit then go back to my regularly scheduled sleeping pattern (8 hours a night, thank you very much).

I also had the freakiest moment while driving home from the doctors, which showed me that maybe I shouldn't have been driving. I pulled in to get petrol, put the car in park, turned it off ... And looked up and thought that the car was moving. It freaked me the fuck out. It felt like the car was moving, even though I knew it wasn't. I could see it creeping forward though. It was bizzare. So instead of getting petrol, I turned the car back on and drove straight home. Dude.

Anyway, I must go do something. I'm not sure what, exactly, because as soon as a thought enters my head today, it immediately turns tail and leaves so I can't remember shit. Ahh, this is just So. Much. Fun.

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