Friday, November 19, 2010

JUST hayfever?

So, these tablets are really knocking me around a bit ... I only slept for a couple of hours again last night. I'd stop taking them, but apparently thats a terrible idea and you should always taper off these tablets ... And ... The suckers actually seem to be working! Unbelieveable! It's not getting rid of all my symptoms, but even after only three days there has been a big improvment. With all the time and money that I've spent on freaking hayfever, and a few days of tablets is helping! So I guess insomnia is a pretty minor side effect when I think about how crappy the hayfever has been making me feel.
By the way, if one more person says to me "JUST hayfever?" or "ONLY hayfever?" you'll see me on the news, being arrested for bitch slapping that person into next year. I get that hayfever doesn't really seem that bad ... Until you have it all year round, so badly that its hard to handle every day living. Its not fun going through an entire box of tissues every day. It sucks having a throat that feels like its red raw and on fire every single moment of the day. Its awful having itchy, red eyes that make it look like I've just spent three hours crying when really all I did was just walked outside. The fuzzy head, complete tiredness and exhaustation also gets old fast.
Anyway. I might go crash on the bed. I really really hope that I get some sleep tonight.

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