Tuesday, November 18, 2008

See if you can possibly guess who I'm pissed at ...

Yeah, I'm still hanging around :-)

It's been a long, exhausting, internet-less week!

(Yeah. Thanks heaps, Telstra. Had to make us wait AN ENTIRE WEEK for our wireless internet, didn't you? FUCKERS ... ) (Yes, I have issues with Telstra now. I DO NOT LIKE THEM)

The move went well, everything made it to the new place. We still haven't unpacked all the boxes yet, because, well, we're slack :-) But we're getting there.

The rabbit and the devil-dog have been sharing the same backyard, sort-of-peacefully, and no one has died, lost any fur/hair or gotten into a fight, so that's gotta be a positive sign, right?

Both the Buckmiester and Jersey-dog made it through traumatic days at the vet - Bucks was desexed last Friday, and Jersey went in yesterday.

Work has been crazy-busy. Taking work home with me most nights still, since there isn't enough hours in the day. Yesterday, I emailed work to do at home to myself, forgetting that I didn't have an internet connection at home, even though Telstra WILL bill us for it. Yep. FUCKERS.

Anyway, I'm tired, (and way cranky at Telstra, hid it well, didn't I? :-)) so I better head to bed. Real update ... Coming soon :-)

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