Sunday, November 23, 2008

I swear I didn't mean to start ranting!

Really ... Just never know how to start these entries.

So, things here are humming along nicely.

Chrissie and I have settled into the new house, and hit upon a nice rhythm - she does the housework when she's not working, I do it on my days off, and it's all good. The Buckmiester is loving his new cage, and he gets to run around in the backyard (providing it's not too cold/wet) at night. If it's too cold/wet for him to run outside, then he gets to run free in the spare room for a while. Jersey is not too impressed with us at the moment, as the house has a doggy door, but we've blocked it :-) So now he gets inside when we say he's allowed inside. He can still get out if he needs to when he's inside, but the door only goes the one way now - thank you, dad for fixing it!

Speaking of it being too cold/wet, what the hell is with the weather? It's NOVEMBER. It's almost the end of November. November = HOT WEATHER! Yesterday it was like 10 degrees. Seriously. And last night was FRIGGING FREEZING. Today the wind was like ice, going straight through you. I had on a singlet, a long sleeved tee, and my work shirt. And at times, I was STILL cold. Bring it on, SUMMER!

What else has been happening ... Work has been good. Busy as all get-out, but fantastic. I worked an extra day this week to make up for missing a day last week when I was moving. It amazes me that I get to have so much fun at work, that I can laugh and joke all day, and I don't get in trouble from the boss for it ... Actually, it's usually the boss that starts it :-) I'm thrilled with the location of our new house, because it's about a three minute drive from my work. So now I get like an extra 30 minutes of sleep in the mornings :-)

Neither Christine or I have finalised everything that needs to be done at our old places yet. We thought we had - we both cleaned our arses off, and left the places a hell of a lot cleaner than when we moved in - but on Thursday we both got letters stating that if we wanted our bonds back, we had to go back and do shit like "dust the heater" and "clean the bath plug hole" and "scrub the tiles in the kitchen". I had 17 items on my list, Christine had 21. What really pissed me off? The fact that there were items on my list such as "clean out garden shed" (whatever is in there isn't mine! I never used it, didn't even know I had access to it.), "clean oven knobs" (1: it wasn't done when I moved in, the oven was filthy. 2: it's not 'dirty' that you can change/fix, it's stained/baked on. you can't get it any cleaner! I know, I tried!), "wash curtains" (they were washed! TWICE! once by mum, once by me) "replace broken bedroom mirror" (it's not broken! it had just slipped down behind the dresser!). I was the one who got "dust heater", and if they'd looked properly, they would have realised that it's not dust on the heater, it's age stains. Honestly, I've never been more wild in my life. They were so nit-picky and unreasonable it made steam come out my ears. Christine was even less impressed with her letter, which was even more nit-pickier (shut up, it's a word!) than mine. Grr, even just thinking about it is making me angry again. It really feels like they're just making us run around in circles to get our bonds back, which is fucked. We were both good tenants, never caused a problem, always reporting maintenance issues, keeping the places clean, and this is how they repay us??? Get f***ed, DCK.

Anyway, now that I've raised my blood pressure a bit, just thinking about DCK, I should probably go to bed and relax a little! :-) Did have some news and other stuff I wanted to write about, but maybe I'll leave that for later. I've had my rant, so now I'll toddle off to bed. I'm out :-)

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

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