Friday, November 07, 2008

Oh, the ... Packing.

So ... Moving day is next Tuesday. TUESDAY! That's like, FOUR days away!

My plan for today (my first day off in seven days) went something like this:

- Pack
- Change address at VicRoads, Medicare, RACV, Ambulance Victoria, etc.
- Arrange phone/internet/gas/electricity disconnection, and connection at the new place
- Phone real estate agency to organise last rental payment
- Clean walls, curtains, floors
- More packing!

I did not plan for:

- People turning up to look through my house (which, as you can imagine is a disorganised mess at the moment) (P.S. Thanks for the warning, DCK!)
- A sick rabbit who clearly needed a vet (lucky I was able to get Buckley an appointment this afternoon)
- The stupidity of Telstra - Seriously, I spent like 40 minutes on hold, spoke to FOUR different people and the last one finally told me that I can't plan my internet disconnection in advance - I have to ring back on the day I actually want it disconnected. You couldn't have told me that THREE PEOPLE AGO??!!

I think that I got most of my mental list done though. I still have to change my address at the bank, and I still have some cleaning and packing to do tonight/tomorrow. I have tomorrow off as well, and then I go back to work Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. Tuesday the removalists come to do all the big stuff, and Wednesday dad is coming down with his ute to do boxes and small stuff. Because Wednesday is Bendigo Cup day here, I get the day off work. Woo hoo!

As I mentioned, The Buckmiester ended up at the vet today. This morning I noticed that he hadn't had anything to drink all night, which is unusual for him. He was also constantly trying to pee, although nothing was coming out, and (hope you're not eating as you read this) had incredibly runny poo (which was all over him). He was so quiet, and not moving much at all, so I knew he was unwell. So off we went to the vet - first time for him! It wasn't a very pleasant experience - he had a thermometre shoved up his you-know-what, got four needles and was prodded all over. He has a UTI and some kind of tummy upset, so we came home with some antibiotics, and a recommendation for Yakult, which has a lot of good bacteria in it and will help his tummy. I gave him some Yakult via a syringe before, half of which he spat back at me. I'm keeping a pretty close eye on him, and if I haven't seen him have a drink by about 9 p.m., I'll give him some more Yakult and some water through the syringe. I also booked him in next Friday to be desexed, and to have all his vaccinations. So, next Friday will be a big day for him!

Anyway, I probably better get going and do some more cleaning ... and packing. My god, the packing. Why did I buy so much shit?!

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

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