Monday, November 10, 2008

One last time ...

So, two hours ago, I was planning an entry about how this will be my last entry from my King St home ever, as tonight I pack up the computer, so the removalists can take the desk tomorrow.

Two hours ago, my mental list was something like:
- pull apart bed
- clean fridge, ready to be switched off in the morning
- do one final load of washing, then disconnect washing machine
- do dishes on sink, then pack them
- get good nights sleep, ready for the big move tomorrow.

In the last two hours, all I've done is item number one. Why? Because I went to pull apart the bed, and realised that *someone* (*thanks, mum ...!) had packed the spanners I needed to pull my bed to bits. So, having no idea where they would be, I started ringing friends. One didn't have one. One had no idea what i was talking about. A few weren't home. Finally, I found someone with a spanner set ... Out in Raywood. Yeah. 25 minutes out of town.

So, I went for a drive.

So now, it's 10:30, and all I can say is ... Stuff the long, witty blog entry I had planned. *snort* I still have items on my list that need doing, and it's getting late. So ... Goodbye, King Street. Next time I update will be from the new house. Yay.

That's all!

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