Monday, June 25, 2012

The same thoughts ...

The same thoughts ... Keep going around and around in my head. Over and over again.

-          I should have stopped him.

-          I couldn't stop him.

-          I fought as hard as I could.

-          I didn't fight hard enough.

-          I should have screamed louder.

-          I screamed, I begged, I pleaded and it did nothing.

-          What is wrong with him?

-          What is wrong with me?

-          How do I leave this behind me? How do I move on?

-          I can't forget this. I can't move on. How can I move past it?

-          I don't want to tell anyone.

-          I can never tell anyone.

-          I have to tell someone what he did to me.

-          He's a sick fuck.

-          I hate him.

-          How did I get it so wrong?

-          I thought I knew him.

-          What happens if I see him again?

-          It hurt so, so badly.

-          It still hurts.



-          I am sad.

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