Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm astounded ...

... That it's been MONTHS since I've written.

So much has happened.

Work was terrible, stressful and horrible for months, but now seems to have settled down. I'm making plans for my future though, hoping to finish up full time next year, possibly staying on part time while I return to uni ... But I'm still trying to get all my ducks in a row.

I took part in my first Relay for Life this year, in February. It was an amazing night, and I truly felt that Elaine was there with us, cheering us on. I ended up with a stress fracture in my foot after walking 50+km, but it was totally worth it. I can't believe I haven't put up any photos from the night. I'll have to do that later.

I got to see Sydney for the first time in February. The social club at work did a mystery flight, and the first group, which I was in, went to Sydney. We hit the aquarium and Taronga Zoo. To get to Taronga you have to take a ferry, so I got to see the Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and the Opera House as we cruised past them. It was a long day - we left home at 4 a.m., didn't get home until midnight, but it was awesome. The only disappointing part of the day was the fact that we went exactly one week after Relay for Life - so walking all day meant that I was in pain all day. By the time we got in the car to drive home, I was fighting back tears. All in all though, it was an incredible day, filled with so much fun. I'll have to put some photos up later.

The second mystery flight group went to Brisbane, and I was lucky enough to be able to go with them too, after someone pulled out at the last minute. It meant that I got to meet up with my sister, her husband and my nephews and niece. We went to the Eumundi Markets, which is a massive town market held in (where else?) Eumundi every Wednesday and Saturday. Again, it was only two weeks out from Relay for Life, so my foot was still really painful, but we had such a relaxing day, walking slowly around, stopping here and there for rest breaks for Gimpy.

Speaking of my sister and her husband, we recently had some crappy news - G, my sisters husband has been diagnosed with bowel cancer. I know that no cancer is good, but bowel cancer is especially deadly, unless caught early enough. If it's not caught early, it's usually fatal within a couple of years. The beautiful Kristian Anderson died of this horrible disease. Thankfully, the doctors are reasonably confident that they have caught it early. G will undergo further tests this week, and surgery towards the end of the week. The doctors are confident that they may be able to remove both tumors fully in surgery.

Being thrust back into the cancer world is horrible. It's a world filled with fear and uncertainty and tears. You really have to force hope and love and laughter into this world, it doesn't come easily. I cannot wait for a world without cancer. May it happen soon.

I'm currently planning this years holiday - I have four weeks off work from mid-August to mid-September. My dad and I were meant to be doing a road trip to Queensland to see the girls, but unfortunately he's not well enough to make the trip. He's currently awaiting a knee reconstruction and spends most of his days in bed, in pain. He also recently woke up one morning to find one side of his face paralysed. After ruling out a stroke, he was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. Thankfully, his face is slowly returning back to normal, but it's a long road.

As dad is no longer coming with me, I'm now flying. Tiger Airways had a half price sale last week, so I booked a ticket to beautiful, sunny, tropical Cairns to see my sister and her family. They moved up there last year and I haven't been up there yet, so I can't wait to see their lives. I'm hoping to do a day trip out to the Great Barrier Reef on one of the boats that go out there, and maybe I'll even do some snorkeling! I'm hoping to stay either 8 or 9 days, returning just in time to head to Sydney (tickets are already booked, thanks Tiger - ($60 to get to Sydney and back!)) with a friend for a day trip for her birthday. She's never been, and so I booked tickets for a day trip as her birthday present. She'd really like to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and I think that sounds like heaps of fun. Not sure whether it'll happen, it's fairly expensive to do, and it might not be possible due to health reasons (I don't know whether she'd be healthy enough to do it). But we'll wait and see what happens! We might just hit Luna Park or head to Bondi Beach for some sightseeing.

I am going to see my other sister and her family as well - the family in Brisbane, but I haven't booked tickets as yet. I'll leave that until the last minute, due to G and his cancer. I'll definitely head up there, but it depends on how he's feeling as to when I go and how long I stay.

It's only 60-something days until I'm on holidays, so the countdown is on.

Speaking of countdowns, the countdown is on to State of Origin, Game Two. It's only two sleeps away! We went to State of Origin One in Melbourne, and had an awesome night. We were lucky enough to get amazing seats - only a few rows back behind the goal posts. I took some photos, I'll have to throw them up later. For Game Two the friends I went to Game One with are coming here for dinner then we'll watch the game. For Game Three, we'll go to someone elses house for dinner and the game.

Wow ... It's now nearly 6 p.m. and I'm starting to get really hungry so I should probably get going and cook something for dinner. I'll be back .... Promise :-) And I'll make sure I don't leave it 4 months next time ;-) Hahaha.

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