Friday, December 10, 2010

Ahh, Christmas.

Ahh, Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year.

I'm a big fan of Christmas. It makes people happy. For one day, families don't fight. Everyone gets along.

This year I'm pretty much organised with my Christmas shopping. I've just wrapped my brothers present ... His girlfriends present ... A present for my little monkey (my nephew who's going to enter the world in March 2011) ... I've got on layby presents for both my nieces and my older nephew ... For my sister I've layby-ed a nice diamond ring which is half birthday present/half Chrissie present ... And today I went and put $200 on a touch screen computer which will be mum and dad's present. Dad is going to pay the rest, that's his present to mum. And that means I'm pretty much all done! All I have to do is get something for my housemate, and my Chrissie shopping will be done! Yay!

The not-smoking thing is going ok. Kind of. I'd still kneecap an old lady for one. But it's getting a little easier. I don't know whether the headaches that I've been getting this week are from nicotine withdrawl, but holy hell have I had some headaches. Hopefully this too will pass, and soon.

Anyway, my head really, really hurts so I think I'm actually going to have a really early night and go to bed. Party animal? Why yes, I am. Ha ha.

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