Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Uh-oh ... Rant time!

A couple of things on my mind tonight ...

Firstly, the Government's Stimulus Package. The Opposition is currently trying to stop it going through Parliament. While part of me does agree with the logic in their argument - should we be putting our country in huge amounts of debt to try and avoid a recession (which will probably occur anyway?)? The other part - the larger part of me - thinks that $900 could be an enormous help to families/people who are really struggling at the moment. Imagine being able to stock up the freezer/fridge/pantry, get some winter clothes, pay some extra off bills that they can't seem to clear ... Even people my age, who are living from paycheck to paycheck, would really appreciate some extra help. The first round of bonuses (given out in December) helped boost retail sales by 4% in December. The money would be spent, I'm sure. Most people are finding it hard to save money to get ahead at the moment. Maybe the bonus money will ease the pressure a little. Personally, I don't know if I'm eligible for the bonus, but I hope that it passes through Parliament. I think it would do a lot of good.

Secondly, Telstra. FUCKERS. Oh yeah, this is gonna be a rant.

I moved house in NOVEMBER. As people do, I rang up, went through all their stupid little questions and I disconnected my phone ... Because I was MOVING HOUSE. A month ago, I still had not received my final phone bill from Telstra. So I called. Only to find out that my broadband connection had NOT BEEN DISCONNECTED. It was STILL active. Almost TWO months after I moved house. So, they disconnected it, and told me the bill was on it's way. Great. Can't wait to pay it. Last week, I realised that I still hadn't spotted the bill, but I couldn't ring them last week as I worked all week. Today, 4 weeks later, I rang again. This time the excuse for not receiving my bill yet? "That service is still connected. Are you sure you arranged disconnection when you moved?" OH MY GOD. Seriously??! They had my broadband account disconnected (FINALLY, they get SOMETHING right!)
but my phone line was still active. EVEN THOUGH I MOVED OUT ALMOST THREE MONTHS AGO! The second reason I haven't received a bill? Because even though I have provided it 4 times (when disconnecting fixed line, when disconnecting broadband, WHEN RINGING UP TO MAKE SURE THEY HAD MY NEW ADDRESS CORRECT, when ringing to find out where the bill got to), they WERE STILL SENDING MY BILLS TO MY OLD ADDRESS.

For fucks sake!

Ok, now I have to cut this post short because my TELSTRA WIRELESS CONNECTION keeps DROPPING OUT and I'm worried I'm going to lose this whole post. Damm Telstra.

Ok, rant over ... Sorry for the colourful language :-)

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