Friday, February 27, 2009

Seriously ...

Please keep the following people in your thoughts ...

Dr. S: Yesterday, Henry, her beautiful young son (4 and a half years old) passed away from Medulloblastoma. Please keep Dr Smak and family in your thoughts.

Lisa: from Clusterfook. Lisa is currently fighting to stay with her family - the Dude and her two daughters - but her time on Earth is short. Please pray that she finds peace, and does not suffer any longer.

Kristie: I have been a "fan" of Kristie since her days on CB when she would update us on how her daughter, Kendrie was going with her cancer battle. Thankfully, Kendrie kicked cancer's ass to the kerb, and has been doing well since ... The same can't be said for Kristie's husband Blaine, who has not only endured cancer, but surgeries and complications and radiation ... And now, the news that the cancer is back once again. My heart breaks for this family, who I've grown to love over the last couple of years. If you have time, visit Kristie and family at and give them some comment love, which will hopefully give them some strength to face this latest battle.

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