Sunday, August 03, 2008

Decisions, decisions.

So, today I was a busy little bee.

Up early, (well, early for me on a Sunday ... :-P) I moved my computer and desk from the bedroom into the lounge room, then rearranged my couch and tv/tv cabinet (to make room for the computer and desk. Probably should have done that before I moved the desk...). Then I started cleaning out drawers and cupboards and throwing out stuff left, right and centre. I cleaned out the animal cages, vacuumed everything, and disinfected everything in the house.

I also made a decision today.

When I left Safeway, in March of last year, I also deferred uni. Everything was getting to me, and I was failing the units I was doing because I just didn't care. So, I told everyone that I'd go back "someday, when I'm ready".

Today, I pulled out all my uni stuff - textbooks, notes, essays, study guides, readings. I'm thinking that maybe I want to go back. Maybe. At the moment, I just want to do some reading, maybe work my way through the study guides, see how I feel. I'm going to have to save up some money and pay for the units that I want to do -at least to start with. Because I failed the last 6 units or something, I can't put anything on HECS for a while. I figure by the time I save up some money, it'll be the end of this year, and I'll be ready to go back at the start of next year.

Maybe ... :-)

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