Monday, August 18, 2008

Christiaan Scholl to face trial for Kerang crash.


So, it's Monday which means that I spent the day at the office. Totally love that place. Today, Rob, gave me the giggles after this little exchange:

Rob: Oh, Snappz, could I please have some stamps?
Snappz: Sure, how many do you need?
Rob: Oh, I need quite a few. I need stamps so I can send out my emails.
Snappz: (trying to keep a straight face) You need stamps for your emails?
Rob: Yes, please.
M: Rob, you realise what you're saying, right?
Snappz ... Giggling like a little school girl.
Rob: (Looking very confused) Ok, well I'll just go ask Julie for stamps then.

And yes, he was serious. He had no idea what M and I were laughing about.

In other news ... Well, I don't have much other news. My sister has set a date for her wedding - January 16, 2010. Now all I have to do is avoid her for the next 18 months so that I don't go crazy listening to her talk about the wedding, wedding, wedding ... :-) I am going to visit her next month though, and stay a few days. I'll start the avoiding thing after that ;-) I'm looking foward to hanging out with my nieces, I haven't seen them since June, and I bet they've grown heaps. I miss them like crazy!

I'm cooking roast lamb and spuds for dinner tonight, and it's almost ready, so I better get going. Peace out.

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

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