Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Short, and sweet. Eh, not so sweet actually. I talk about bloody stumps at the end ...

My week so far:

- 4 weeks until moving day. Decided to start packing last night. Had fun for the first 20 minutes, then got bored and gave up. House now messier than ever. And still haven't organised a damn thing for the move.

- The cold that I had the other week? Turned into one hellacious chest infection (coughing up blood, not being able to sleep because lying down made it impossible to breathe, sleeping about 16 hours a day for something like 5 days straight), which I'm still trying to get rid of. What's with that?

- Have been told four times since Saturday that they'd love to make me a full time employee at the office/that they can see me becoming full time/that I'd be great all the time in the office/that they'd love to have me in the office all the time. Fingers crossed that it happens, I think I'd freaking explode with happiness!

- Things with my dad aren't great. He's still not well, and he's still not himself. He's still so quiet. He had a doctors appointment yesterday, and he had some follow up tests today. Hopefully something will show up and it can be easily fixed. Please, please let it be something that can be easily fixed.

- The Buck-miester is getting a new cage. I've put a layby a $250, double story wooden hutch for him. Since he'll be moving outside when we go to the new house, I wanted him to have a bigger, nicer cage. And this one is pretty sweet. Hopefully I can pay it off in the next few weeks so that when we move, he can move into his new digs too!

Ok, I'm out. Getting late and I'm at the stupid, i-hate-the-place-with-every-freaking-breath-in-my-body, depressing, awful cafe tomorrow. Ugh. I'd rather shoot myself in the foot with some kind of high-powered riffle and then pour salt into the wound and finish by hacking off my foot with a pair of blunt, useless scissors and walk over hot coals on my bloody stump to go to the hospital ...

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