Friday, October 24, 2008

Buckle up ...

Yeah, I know. It's been ages.

There's been a bit happening though.

I haven't written in a while - to be honest, I've barely even looked at this site in a while. But tonight, I wanted to check on some sites I link to, and I couldn't be bothered to type in the address so I figured I'd just check on here and click. And then I realised that my site counter thingy is going up ... And I haven't updated in ages. So that made me feel guilty. So here goes ...

I'm in the middle of packing up my place. Christine and I move in about three weeks. We let the real estate agents that we're currently renting from know last week that we'd be moving out, and so far, I've had two inspections from the real estate people (wanting to check out anything that might need fixing after I move) and tomorrow I've got a guy coming to look at the carpet because the landlord is talking about replacing it, so they've arranged for a guy to come and do a quote. Not to mention I've had my agent calling to make appointments for prospective renters to walk through and have a look at the property.

The packing is going well. The week before last (? I think) I had two days off in a row, so I cleaned out a heap of stuff and did a lot of packing. Yesterday my mum was down for the day to start cleaning walls and stuff. So far I'm feeling like I'm pretty well organised. It looks like we'll be moving boxes and small stuff on the Thursday, and the removalist will do the big stuff on the Friday. I've got that weekend off work, so Saturday will be unpacking, and Sunday I'll be back at the old place, doing the last of the cleaning.

I haven't said a lot about the new place .... It's beautiful. It's three bedrooms, nice kitchen/dining, a sunroom which is awesome, a storage space under the house, a good sized yard (with a brand new fence so the dog can't get out!), just been recently painted, ducted heating and cooling, huge laundry, good carpets ... And I love it. It's about a 3 minute drive from where I work, which will be awesome. (I'll be going home for lunch a bit!) Christine and I both fell in love with it as soon as we looked at it. I think living with someone again will take some getting used to (we've both been living alone for like two years) and I'm sure there will be some adjustment with Christine being my "landlord". She's already said Buckley is to become an outside rabbit, which is fine, but I've said that when it's hot in summer, he'll be coming inside. I know it's her house, but rabbits aren't great in heat, and Bucks doesn't handle the heat too well. He spent most of last summer inside (in air conditioned comfort) and he still seemed to wilt most days. I've put on layby a new, double story cage for the Buckmiester, and I'll be putting up some kind of little fence around it so that Jersey can't get to him. My biggest fear is that Jersey will get into Buckley's cage while Christine and I are at work. I'll just have to do whatever I can to make sure that doesn't happen :-)

Speaking of Jersey, he doesn't seem to be settling down. At all. He's destroyed two phones in the last couple of weeks - Christine's cordless home phone and her mobile phone. The home phone is still usable, but the mobile had to be thrown out. He got them both while she was sleeping on the couch during the day after doing night shift the night before. He also destroyed her One Tree Hill Season 4 box set, a torch and a book. Yeah, I'll be buying some kind of lock for my bedroom and locking all my shit in there when I'm not at home! Seriously though, I've been thinking of paying for obedience school for him for Christine's birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks. Something tells me it would be money well spent.

I went into the cafe last week and told my boss that I was finishing this weekend. I've had enough, and weeks ago I said I would finish up, and what happened? Nothing. She kept putting me on the roster, which I'm sick of. There was another reason for doing it though ... I've picked up an extra two days a week at the office. WOO HOO! So I'll now be doing 4 and a half days a week there, which is terrific. I still love it there, and I'm thrilled that they offered me some more days. This weekend will hopefully be my last weekend at the cafe - providing that my boss doesn't keep rostering me on when I'm not at the office. I've told her that I don't want that, but she clearly doesn't listen to me, does she?

Today I went to visit a friend who lives about 20 minutes out of town. She is pregnant, and I haven't seen her in a while. She's grown heaps, and things are looking good. Her little boy, who is two has also changed heaps. It was amazing to see. We had a good chat, and have decided to organise a baby shower for her. Neither of us has organised a baby shower, or even been to one, but do you think that's going to stop us? Hell no, watch us go!

What else has been happening ... I think I'm out of thoughts. I've got an appointment in Echuca with the miracle man next week for my back. I was meant to go on Wednesday, but (ironically) my back was too bad and I knew I wouldn't be able to handle an hour in the car to get there. The 10 minute drive on the way home from work was enough to give me nerve pain up and down my legs. I think it's because I haven't been walking as much (thanks, winter) and because I've put some extra weight on (thanks, Maccas). I'm back into eating salads and lots of fruit though, so hopefully that'll make a difference.

Anyway, it's getting late, and I'm working at the Cafe tomorrow, so I better take off. Have a great night guys, sorry about the delay in updating ...

You hang in there sunshine, you're friggin special.

Edited to add - if you have time, please visit Henry and his family at They've just been told that Henry's cancer is back. Please send lots of love and good thoughts.

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