Sunday, February 01, 2015

Last weeks goals:

- At least 12,000 steps a day - No :-( My steps for the week were: 19,262 / 14,604 / 10,269 / 16,406 / 5,170 / 5,700 / 20, 057. Daily average was just over 13,000 steps, but didn't make 12,000 steps every day.  
- Salad and/or veggies at least 4 days this week No :-( Had no salad and was too broke to buy any food this week. Did get paid on Friday, however, and have salad and fresh fruit in the fridge.
- Breakfast (yoghurt or eggs) at least 5 days a week No ... and no excuses. Just unorganised in the morning.   
- At least three days with no lollies and/or chocolate and/or sweets I did two days ... Slight improvement.
- Work on cutting down Coke Hasn't really happened yet, no
- At least 2L of water a day Yes! 

This weeks goals

- At least 10,000 steps every day, with at least 5 days hitting my goal (12,500) and work on being more active throughout the day
- At least three days walking before work in the morning on the treadmill
- Breakfast every morning
- Salad and/or veggies at least 6 times this week
- At least three days lollies/chocolate free
- SERIOUSLY work on cutting down Coke
- At least 2L of water every day, more on the days when I am walking more
- Making work lunches at night so I have healthy food ready to go, that way there will be no excuses!!

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