Thursday, May 28, 2009

Psst ... I'm here.

The woman on the tv is telling me that she's all alone and that I should ring her now ...

This won't be a long entry, since it's getting a bit late and I'm kinda tired. But there is something I wanted to blog about.

Crystal, from (which used to be Boobs, Injuries and Dr Pepper), is currently dealing with a little "issue". It all began here and it's turned into this.
Currently, there are 153 comments in response to that post, which is amazing. If you've got time, head over there, say hi to Crystal, read the comments that have been left so far, and maybe leave your own thoughts on the subject.

Quick wrap up from around here ...
Has last week off work. Went to the allergist in Melbourne. The $450 I paid for the course of injections to get rid of my hayfever forever and ever, amen?
Yeah, it was a waste of money. They didn't work.
So, now I'm on a spray, and I start a new course of needles in a couple of weeks. Hopefully that will change something.
We finally decided a couple of weeks ago to get a new bunny (RIP Buck-man. Miss you, buddy...), and I got a baby lop-eared dwarf (female). Then Christine decided she wanted one, so now we have two. They're still living inside at the moment. We'll have to sort something out soon so they can go in the big cage outside.
Work is good. Busy. I'm really pissed off with one person there, but I'm thinking I'll just never do anything for her ever again ... Basically, I'm going to passively-aggressively torture the bitch.
Next Wednesday, I turn 26. Holy crap, TWENTY SIX. Next Wednesday is also Game One of Origin 2009 ...



To borrow an expression (actually, two) from Crystal, I'm so excited I could shit/it makes me happy in my pants.

Six sleeps til Origin. I've been singin' that song all day.

Uh, anyway, this is all disjointed because I'm so friggin exhausted, so I think I'll give up and go to sleep now. Maybe tomorrow when I'm a little more coherent, I'll actually do a proper update ....

Night, folks.

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Business Cards said...

$450 for hayfever shots? What a rip-off!
Condolence to your bunny... T_T
But congratulations on the Origin trip. :D Have fun!